Want to really make the most of Black Friday this year? Below are a few ways to increase sales on this crazy retail holiday.
1. Early Bird Catches the Sale
Everyone knows that Black Friday seems to start earlier and earlier every year. Well, what about going against the norm and promoting some afternoon sales as well? Continue with your early sales but promote a special afternoon only sale too. This will ensure your get steady sales all day.
2. Start Wednesday
More and more people are skipping work the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in order to prepare for out of town guests and to get groceries for the big day. Why not promote a special sale for the day before Thanksgiving? “Avoid the Black Friday Rush and Save!” This may create an opportunity for shoppers who want to save along with all of the other bargain hunters but who do not want to deal with the craziness of Friday.

3. Feed the Impulse
Black Friday is crazy, we know. Even more crazy, is the need to “get everything on our list at this very moment.” That’s when impulse buying comes in. Shoppers all over will be driving from store to store craving deals. Why not help them find what they are looking for? Outdoor advertising caters to the impulse shopping rush by visually advertising to the shopper at the very moment they are driving or walking by your store. Whether you use Sign Spinners to direct traffic from the street or Aerial Advertising Balloons to let everyone on the freeway know that you’re near by, these advertising products can make the difference for you and your potential customers.