C9Balloons FAQs provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions and helps visitors with a quick reference to information about our products and services.


I have a small budget; can I still place an order?

Yes!  orders that do not meet the minimum for our onsite balloon decorating service can be arranged as a “will call” order and picked up at our Design Studio.

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Do you have a minimum?

Yes, our minimum for onsite balloon decorating events and deliveries is $200 prior to setup delivery/fuel fee charges.

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How much do you charge to deliver?

Balloon delivery charges are based on mileage and commence at $10.  C9Balloons is PROUD to take care of ALL your Balloon Deliveries without limitation of a geographic are.

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I would like a Balloon Arch; what size or kind do I request?

The size of a Balloon Arch suitable for your event is simple for us to determine for you as appose to so many variables and questions other companies can overwhelm you with. Just simply complete our order-form under our “Quote Request” page and simply tell us the placement (how its’ being planned to be used) and that’s it!  We will then offer various styles and patters of your choice!  We can get a CREATIVE as you allow our design team to create on their own!  Visit our Instagram or our Gallery to view some of our various designs.

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What if I am not sure what I want and I need to know cost of balloon decorations?

When you need ideas, view photos on the web and email the photos to us.  This helps the quote process.  On receipt of your ideas we will price out each item then you can determine your budget.  Once a budget is determined, we can help create custom package for your event.  A package will always save you money vs. a la carte orders.  *Budget is required to create a Custom Package.

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or call us we’ll be happy to assist (714) 993-6600

Can I secure my event with you?

We take pride on making your event stress free!  To reserve your event on our calendar all we need is a nominal deposit of $75 which is credited to your order.  Everything else will be coordinated and finalized with plenty of time.  For information on refunds, please refer to our cancellation section/policy. 


How far in advance should I place my order?

C9Balloons is dedicated to make your event memorable from the start!  Planning early is key.  At minimum please book your event ONE week prior to your event.  This will ensure the order process of your design runs smooth and memorable from the start!  Leave all the behind the scenes’ preparation, labor and coordinating the very last details to us!  

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or call us we’ll be happy to assist (714) 993-6600


What time do you open your store?

Our Design Studio is not a “retail location” but we welcome you by appointment only between the hours of 8am-5pm Monday –  Friday, and weekends am – 12noon.   We are ready to serve you anytime via phone


What options do I have to pay my invoice?

Making a payment to us is quite an easy step and it all happens on your end!

On receipt of your invoice, (with the exception of American Express card), simply “click” on the box “make a payment” and enter any major credit card; VISA, MasterCard, Discover, debit card or PayPal information and your payment is done!  We also accept checks, via mail, by fax, or a scanned copy via email.

Payments made by check need to arrive at least 14-days prior to your event.

*Cash payments and payments at event sites are not accepted, no exceptions.  


At our venue, we’ve been asked to provide insurance, are you insured?

Yes, C9Balloons is fully insured.  A Certificate of Insurance will be produced reflecting whom needs to be named as additionally insured.  Therefore; exact and complete contact information of “additionally insured” needs to be provided to us in a timely manner.  A copy of the Insurance Certificate is automatically emailed with an original followed via US mail.


Will you Guarantee the balloons will last?

Balloon décor indoors last approximately three times longer than balloon décor outdoors.  The Latex product outdoors is susceptible to; extreme heat, wind, humidity, static and general public traffic.  Therefore, without being able to control mother nature, we cannot guarantee the effects of the balloons.  However, there are many other options we can recommend best suitable for each of these conditions without the aforementioned product guarantee.


Can I rent a helium tank?

Yes, we will go over a series of questions with you to determine the size tank your event requires.  At which time, we will cover the safety information, rental, deposit and replacements fees accordingly.

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What do I need to know if I need to cancel?

Due to the variables and unique requirements of each order, our cancellation policy may affect each order differently.  If an order does not require or preparation does not commence after an order is confirmed, deposits are refunded in full provided the cancellation is received in writing prior to 14-days of event date.  However; in general, a portion of the deposit may be fully refundable after review of direct costs for product or labor.


If I have my balloons and misc. supplies can you do the rest of the work?

To avoid compromising customer satisfaction, we proudly and only use “The Very professional quality grade balloons” including misc. materials such as ribbon, fabric, fresh flowers etc. and the cost of our décor is not reduced.  Therefore, we strongly discourage customer provided materials not limited to balloons.  In the event an exception is made, customer shall accept full responsibility of any complications during the progress of the event décor progress and the end result due to use of customer provided supply.

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Balloons that float with helium are not allowed at my event venue, can I still have balloon decorations?

As balloon decorating professionals, there is no limitations and what designs we can create without “floating/helium” balloons!   Ask our Certified Balloon Artists to make recommendations on air-filled balloon designs.  For a free onsite consultation at your venue, complete our contact form and one of our event specialist will be happy to assist you or you may contact us at (714) 993-6600 anytime.

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or call us we’ll be happy to assist (714) 993-6600


I need the balloons to last a long time, is this possible?

How long will the balloons last?

C9Balloons uses high quality balloon throughout our designs however, the life of the balloons helium/float & sculptures /non-floating depend on the size of the balloons used, the type of structure built, and its exposure to numerous environmental conditions. Balloons (especially dark colors) expand in the heat as well as in high altitude and contrasts in the cold.  Heavy rain will weigh heavy on balloons and static will cause friction.  Wind is another deterrent for balloons; the constant flow of air around the balloons will cause the helium molecules inside to escape faster.

You can help your balloon sculptures last longer by keeping them in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and away from heat-and-static-producing electronics, like TV’s and computers.  Static and invisible fibers on ceilings can cause balloons to pop. Allow your balloons to remain tied to an anchor for at least five hours before releasing them to the ceiling. This allows the balloons to shrink enough so that the skin becomes thicker and tougher.  Helium-filled 11” latex balloons will typically last up to 18 hours.  Again, float time can be significantly reduced depending on temperature and humidity.

Helium-filled foil (mylar) balloons will remain full and taught for 3-5 days. The bigger the size of the foil balloon, the longer it will float. Foil balloons will appear deflated in cold air (including in air-conditioned climates) and will fill out again when warmed up.  Be extremely careful when placing balloons in a hot car, they will expand and may cause them to pop prematurely.


How do Balloons affect the environment?  

All latex balloons we use are 100% biodegradable. The high quality latex we use are even safe for balloon releases including all other décor elements used to decorate on the ground.


California Law about Balloons

California Law states that it is illegal to release foil balloons and balloons with mylar ribbon therefore; all Foil balloons must be weighted down each balloon with an individual weight.  There is NO EXCEPTION to this rule.  This law is in place to avoid dangerous power failures and outages when these balloons make contact with electrical power lines.


Child safety WARNING

Choking Hazard – Children under the age of 8-yrs. Can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons.  Adult supervision required.  Keep uninflated balloons away from children.  Discard broken balloons at once.


Do you have special pricing or are able to donate to not-for-profit organizations?

This is a common question we receive throughout the year.  Donations are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  To be eligible, non-profit organizations must submit requests in writing and on letterhead, minimum 6-months prior to the event.  Here at C9Balloons every worthy cause is considered however, we cannot guarantee every donation inquiry will be honored.  However, we will honor a 10% discount off your total for your event and if it is within the local area, we will waive the setup charges! 

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