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C9 Human Sphere Directionals

October 29, 2009 by C9  
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Okay, so this past weekend your sign spinner was standing next to everyone else’s sign spinner and you just weren’t getting the attention you used to get.

No problem. You are not the first person to have had this issue. It is this very complication that caused C9 to develop the Human Sphere Directional, or HSD.

Imagine your sign spinner now has a large balloon floating above him/her towering over stopped cars and other sign spinners. Not only is everyone looking at your company but the balloon has just given you another surface to write your company name or sale details on. Double the advertising space and double the attention!


  • Two advertising surfaces (Arrow & Balloon)
  • Balloon can be seen over traffic in busy intersections
  • HSD’s can be equiped with flyers or product samples to pass out to potential customers
  • Great for retail locations but can also be a great attraction at trade show and promotional events.
  • Unique product ensures you stand out from the rest


Planet Beauty Human Sphere Directional

Massage Envy Human Sphere Directional Little Caesar's Human Sphere Directional Lennar Homes Human Sphere Directional


2 Responses to “C9 Human Sphere Directionals”
  1. Beverly says:

    What size are the human Directional Balloons? how do they work?

    • C9 says:

      Our HSD balloons average about 5 feet in diameter however we have been known to make them quite larger.

      The balloons are harnessed directly to the directional allowing them to move freely while still maintaining control.


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