sign spinners

Whether you call them sign spinners, human directionals, sign twirlers, sign flippers or “those guys on the corner with the signs,” you know you’ve seen them before and you know they do the trick. If you want to get attention then our Sign Spinners can make it happen.
Your potential customers are driving by you, unaware of your business, every day. Show them where to go with a Sign Spinner from C9.

There are a lot of companies out there offerring similar services but do you really know who you’re going to get representing your company? With C9, you can be confident knowing that:
All employees are eligible to work with a proper and verified work permit and are legally authorized to work.

  • All employees are evaluated and determined by C9 to possess the necessary physical attributes to continue performing consistently and as expected.
  • During their shift, all employees are closely monitored by our trained team of supervisors ensuring your brand is in good hands.
  • All employees are required to be uniformed and enthusiastic at all times while maintaining a professional image.